Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch Me If You Can!

Things that can make you laugh and laugh, when your words don't coincide with what you think or what the real facts are, which would result in you, getting trapped in your own confusion.

Conversation 1-In the car with ex schoolmates in Melaka:-

A : (telling a story) - There's this funny story abut my housemates, we were talking about movies and I asked, what's the title of the movie, with Leonardo in it, catch me if I...? And my friend replied confidently, "Catch The Thief If You Can". Every one laughed their heads off!

Me : (I laughed and laughed). Your friend is so funny, there's no such thing as "Catch The Thief If You Can"!

We continued laughing.

Me: It's the one with Leonardo right? It's "Catch Me If I Fall" right?(confidently)

Every one in the car laughed like crazy and I was like "what?"

I : Fad, it's "Catch Me If You Can"!

Conversation 2-At home after coming back from my office.

Me : We have to watch "Let's Meet the Mohan!!".

F : What? "Let's Meet the Mohan"? What movie is that? You don't watch Hindustan do you?.

Me : Not Hindustan lah, Adam Sandler acted in it!It must be funny!

F : Mohan and Adam Sandler, what movie is that?? Ohhhh...It's "Don't Mess With the Zohan" lah!!

There you go, these conversations took place 2 years ago, but my friends still crack the same jokes until today, just to annoy me :P

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Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahhhaha.. let me the little fockers next ya!