Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brick Game, Flip Flops and Kain Batik

The "You know what" conversation over dinner, while getting so hooked on brick game which was so popular 15 years back, which every kid would have in their possession and all you could hear was them bragging on and on about who's got the highest score:-

Me : Oh my God, this brick game can really make us happy!It was so popular back then when we were 15 years younger. As popular as PSP and the likes, which I can never get.
Nas : I know!We are simple people!
Me : You know what, one of the things that I always wanted to do in life is wear flip flops to work.
Nas : You know what, all I wanted to do is wear kain batik to work. It's so comfy!I did it once.
Me : No, you didn't! I don't have "kek batik" at home for me to wear to work.
Nas : What "kek batik?".

We went on and on and on, as if somebody just drugged us.

By the way, the brick game in the above photo was the exact brick game that I had 15 years back, which I shared with my granny. I could still remember teaching her how to play. She got so hooked on it that I had to wait for so long before it was my turn to play. I think Mom bought a new one for me so that both, granny and I could have our own brick games.

Those were the days, days without PSP and the likes.


Her Highness The Great said...

15 YEARS?? !!!!!!!
We're NOT THAT old!!!!!!!!!
Lol. My current score is 8,900 by the way ;)
PS: If plain water could make us behave like such drunkards, laughing without a care, i dont know what real liqour will do..seriously. Thank God it's prohibited to us.

fadiahnadwafikri said...

hahahahaha, ya, it was 15 years ago!time really flies...i think plain water should be turned us into the kids that we were, 15 years back!
takpa2, once i get to play, ill beat your current score!:P

Nikeda said...

OMG fad! cant believe i survived without PSP back then... hahaha

fadiahnadwafikri said...

tulah nik..we survived!:P

Her Highness The Great said...

109,100 and counting :D

azlee benjusop said...

tok main brick game? hahahaha

fadiahnadwafikri said...

betul abg azlee, habes ja solat zohor, dia p amek glasses n main, siap score tinggi tu:P

HiDa said...

Omigod which reminds me I also had to fight daily with my dad for our turns with the brick game. So, so addictive!!