Thursday, November 04, 2010

Selvach's case and 1984

Following the police report lodged by Selvach's wife, Saraswathy, her statement was taken by the Police yesterday afternoon. Saraswathy's neighbour who was also there on the night Selvach was cursed at while he was opening the front door, beaten up while his two hands were handcuffed, dragged down the lift in front of his wife and his neighbours, kicked into the van, in front of his two children was with us for the statement taking.

The cursing and the anger seemed unearthly. "I can see one of the police officer was shivering in anger, cursing at Saraswathy and Selvach, while he was trying to open the front door to let them in", the neighbour recounted to me what happened that night after the statement taking was done. I was listening to him while my mind kept thinking about 1984. A sudden numbing fear crawled all over my skin.It is 1984.

The ideal state of police coming to someone's house, knocking the door, informing the person that he is arrested on this and that ground, keeping the person in the lock up, bringing the person to court court is nothing but a devious imagination.

After I was done taking down a few details for the habeas corpus application, Saraswathy asked me whether I can provide her the reported stories about the Saturday protest at Bukit Aman.

The neighbour said "I'm so happy that we protested on Saturday, that was my first time that I got to witness something like that, I see hope". "I never knew any lawyers before, but after the Saturday protest, I'm so happy that I know a few lawyers who stand up for her, thank you".

I can see Saraswathy's smile, she shook my hand and she said "thank you so much" and then she hugged me before we said good bye.

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