Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Buzzing Sound

As I was listening to him this morning, I believe that he does not want it to be over analyzed nor over interpreted according to what he meant by it.It's crime against art they said. So this whole search on what he meant should just be abandoned and replaced by how do we relate to it,to make sense to what we feel and what we see. Trust me, it will make sense, if you have faith in it.

Odd he said, the buzzing of a detuned radio and a fridge in a hotel room. It then becomes funny and he just has laugh about it.

Yes, the oddness that is bordering funny ha ha, ended by the feeling of letting it go, not so much out of frustration, rather to leave it be as it's not worth grieving over.

They buzz and buzz and buzz and buzz.As if the longer the buzzing continues, the stronger their faith and conviction get. Amusing isn't it?. Life will be much simpler buzzing than trying get rid of the buzzing sound and get down to what life without it would be like. That's the difficult part of this whole endeavour. No wonder people will always choose to buzz, it's convenient.

So, I decided to ignore the annoying buzzing sound and try to look out my window to find out whether faith is still there. Oh, there you are. Standing proudly with people who never second guess you, people who never buzz.

While human rights activists in Malaysia protested the beating of Selvachandran & his arrest under the ISA, which it seems to be, fellow Malaysian held a similar powerful protest against the draconian law in front of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board at Trafalgar Square London, last Saturday, Oct 30.-photo and caption by Ginie Lim

And now you, the buzzing sound, you can just go away, evaporate, just like you always do.

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