Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Maths and Home Minister

In response to the Lawyers for Liberty's press statement on fatal police shooting up to 17 fold, Hishamuddin, who is extremely good in making routinely stupid statements in public on security issues went on to say that there is no rise!

Police shooting 2001:5 deaths,2008:82 deaths,2009:88 deaths and yet you can irresponsibly say there is no rise!

Oi Hishamussin, did you fail your standard one maths? I bet he would say that there are only 100 people living in both Wales and England as the statistics show there are only 3 deaths in 2008 and 2 deaths in 2009, or he would say that police in Wales and England use feather dusters to apprehend suspects!

Hisham, Hisham...are you for real? Malaysian Home Minister?

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