Friday, July 16, 2010

Small Things

Sometimes, when I get to be all alone by myself, trying to figure out what life is all about, I would always come to a conclusion that small things that happen around me never fail to make me feel content about life.

Small things that matter. Small things that mean the world. Small things that transcend "I want to be a millionaire-I want to drive the most expensive car in the world-I want to buy the most fanciest mansion on earth" dreams.

Supportive family, great friends I can count my life on. I'm content.

Small things...

While sitting in the Court this morning, I found myself smiling while my mind was thinking about my one year old niece, Adeena.She loves to eat raisins (kismis) and fishball.She loves skin lotion a lot.

My attempt to get her to pronounce these words.

Me: Adeena, FISH-BALL
Me: Adeena, KISMIS
Me: Adeena, LO-TION
Me: Adeena, CHICKEN

And the best part is, she seriously feels that her pronounciation is perfect as she would confidently flash a huge smile after pronouncing those words real loud!

Today is my brother's birthday and early in the morning I texted him:

"Hey, selamat pengharian jadiaan mu lah!"

and he replied:

"haha, peringatanmu memang ku menghargakanlah!Penterimaan kasih mu hey!

We always have this habit of "saying it wrong--the broken Malay languange style". we can go for hours and laugh our heads off doing this!


A bunch of crazy-passionate-committed people I'm so blessed to meet. We can be serious together, we can be crazy together, we can climb Bukit Gasing together, we can stand in the sun for hours to get out voices heard together, we can suddenly sing in a middle of an important, serious discussion together.And we can also pass a resolution that there must be a movie screening before or after we start our meeting is a must, no food no meeting---together.

How wonderful life can be...With all these small things that really matter.

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