Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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I think the award for the most funniest and/or stupidest comment ever made in response to the plight of the Istana project migrant workers goes to this man/woman named Anon who stated something to this effect :-

"this Nadia chick is one example of an ungrateful Malay... she forgot that NEP brought her where she is now, she is anti-Malay and anti-Monarchy!".

I just couldn't help myself but to burst into hysterical laugh at his/her comment on Malaysiakini news.

The plight of the Istana project migrant workers : non payment of salaries, extortion by police personnel, deplorable working conditions, lawyers were barred entry in order to have access to the clients, SUHAKAM was barred access to investigate human rights abuses, Government refused to give written undertaking to ensure the safety of the workers pending investigation, MACC pushing for names of the workers despite issues of safety and vulnerability of these migrant workers. And I'm anti Malay?

Well, just to satisfy his/her curiosity, this kinda accusation is the least of my concern. Go ahead, the world is not gonna stop spinning just because we have people like you and Ezam. Go ahead making fun of yourselves as your actions show nothing but anti-human and anti-justice.

Oh by the way, what I am today has nothing to do with the racist party's propaganda(or you may call it project) as I owe them nothing (well, it is them who owe me and my fellow countrymen every cent that they touch with their corrupt hands). Having always been standing in opposition to the racist propaganda propagated by the racist party, I don't remember being taught by my Maker to be anti-human and anti-justice in the name of race.

Thank God I never bought the racist party's pathetic propaganda just like Anon, Ezam and the like. What a blessing!

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