Monday, February 22, 2010


On the last weekend, things had gone back to normal, normal as in no more extra sleep until God knows what time to wake up on weekends. After the KLLAC Annual Review and Election ended, I decided to join the Refugee Law and Refugee Status Determination (RSD) Workshop held at Cititel.

It has been quite some time that I've not had this kind of training and that really makes me feel like I'm the most ignorant person on earth as my level of knowledge in a particular field of interest can be rated as bad!

The workshop was more like a crash course as we needed to learn about refugee law and legal representation in the process of determination of refugee status in just 3 days.

Participants were given a number of thick documents as reference and seriously speaking, this feels exactly like learning public international law back in uni, with all the thick reference books and cases.

The experience was extremely interesting and refreshing I would say, particularly in continuing the long struggle to get the government to ratify the Refugee Convention as to give due protection to the refugees.

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