Friday, January 30, 2009

She was born this morning at 5am at Wolverhampton Hospital. Kakak sent me an sms 12hours before she was born, asking every one to pray for her. At 5 am Malaysian time, I got an sms from Abang Azli saying that everything was ok.

Her name is Afwa Adeena. I picked her name 'Adeena' the moment I saw her pix above. Adeena in Hebrew means gentle, noble and delicate.

Every one is happy, it's just that we couldn't see her yet at this moment. Mak flew off to Wolverhampton 2 weeks ago and initially I was supposed to follow her. The original plan was, I resign my current job, take 2 months break, spend time with kakak and her newborn baby before applying a new job.

One day before we booked the tickets, new job dilemma thingy happened which compelledme to prioritize.

There's always a reason why things happen this way. By the way, Mak calls me almost every day and tells me that she buys me this and she buys me that. I'm happy!:)

and Adeena will call me Tita Fadiah. Tita in Tagalog means auntie. Isn't that cute?:P


irah said...

fad bestnya! nak tgk adeena gak! hehehe...jom kita pi sana? kekeke..

fadiahnadwafikri said...

hehehe, tula, kak farah suh mai masa summer, jom kak irah jom!

irah said...

jom!! kak irah mmg nak pi holiday nih!

Anonymous said...

hebrew laa tagalog laa..

berkurun laa nak tunggu adeena sebut tita fadiah in full!!

fadiahnadwafikri said...

hehehe, takpe ati, usaha tangga kejayaan:P