Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Occupied Palestine : Take a stand!

Relieved, that I finally finished my submission.

Many things have been happening back to back for the last two weeks. One program after another. Can't look at the newspaper, it's too depressing to learn about the deliberate aggression of the Israeli military on Gaza. Have said NO to McDonalds, Burger King and the like. Realized that we can survive without those stuff, and the good news is, we get to live a healthier life.

People say, "what can a boycott do?".

For me, it's a matter of principle. If the International community can accept Economic Embargo as one of the sanctions that can be imposed on states that violate International Law, what stops us from doing more or less the same thing in our own personal capacity rather than waiting for an impossible miracle to happen from a puppet organization called the UN.


Tell that to the Palestinians who have been living in fear for over 60 years. Tell that to the Palestinian children who have no idea what the word "safe" means. Tell that to those who pledge their hearts and souls defending the Palestinians and their rights to their own homeland.

I had the chance to read the story of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall.

If we think that we have fought hard enough for the Palestinians, think again. By reading these stories, I just couldn't help myself from thinking how small we are compared to these people. They are the real heroes, the real fighters.

The living evidence of the highest degree of human nobility. They pledged their lives for a simple reason, that is humanity. They don't share the same religion as the Palestinians, they don't share the same history and origin as the Palestinians. The only one thing that they share with the Palestinians is just a mere fact that they are human.

When we talk about the Occupied Palestine, like it or not, there are still certain quarters who choose to neutralize the whole issue. Why is that so?

Only God knows what's on their minds.

Last week, we had the opportunity to organize a public forum on the myth and reality in the Occupied Palestine. I'm so glad that many people turned up at the public forum and it's good to note that many people who attended the public forum gave positive feedback as to the content and the diversity of aspects discussed by the speakers. The public forum managed to reveal the reality or rather the truth about the whole issues that revolve around the occupation.

Imagine, for the last 60 years, there have been constant and systematic attack targeteda t Palestinian people, so the question is, when they (the illegal state of Israel and its allies) talk about ceasefire, do they really mean it? For the last 60 years, houses of Palestinian people have been deliberately and illegally demolished, (evidence can be seen in Rachel Corrie's story), leaving Palestinians to become refugees in their own homeland. What ceasefire and diplomatic talk we are talking about here?

They (the illegal state of Israel and its allies) say Hamas started it. So, are they suggesting that Hamas, being a legitimate government should just sit and do nothing when Gaza was being put under siege and the people were dying? Are they expecting Hamas government to just sit back and relax while the People of Palestine are being systematically wiped out??

And they, at the same time (the illegal state of Israel and its allies) are so busy running around championing democracy and human rights.

And they expect conscientious people to buy their stories? Not in a million years.

These hard facts demand us, the conscientious people to take a firm stand. It’s time for us to take action to ensure that the inhumane act committed by Israel and its allies will not go unpunished.

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