Thursday, January 22, 2009

Death in Police Custody

Some people undermine the struggle of the activists in upholding human rights.See for yourself what has been happening around us. Death in police custody is nothing unusual, particularly to those who practice criminal law. Inquest after inquest, but the situation has never been better. These horrendous acts, inflicted on people who are defenseless are nothing but murder. A cold blooded murder.

Who gives you the right to rip someone off his life? Who gives you the right to inflict even a mild harm on someone else's body while being kept in your custody?

Seriously, can we sleep at night knowing that these things are happening and they are no longer a hidden secret?Can we just ignore this harsh reality just because it does not happen to us or our relative?

Just a month ago, a friend and h** family had to go through a traumatic experience as their loved one was severely beaten and tortured while in police custody.

"We know this thing has been happening, but we never knew it could happen to us".

We don't have to be doctors to know that something is definitely NOT right:-

check this pix out.


Antares said...

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