Friday, July 25, 2008

Of Birthday and Good Moments (edited-atas permintaan:P)

It has been a week since my birthday, but I could hardly detach myself from the good moments that I had with people who are close to me..usually on my birthday, I couldn't help feeling a little sombre because of the thoughts that one year older equals to one year shorter, as in my life span, hence these questions-what have I done all this while and do I have enough time to do things that I’ve always wanted to do.

But it is always good to get wishes from people on birthday, a prayer I would say- one good thing about the concept of birthday. It’s not so much the presents or cakes, it's the thought. The quality time spent in each other's company and the efficiently organized birthday surprise by dear friends-Far, Asni, Ati, Shuey, Raina, Zaza, Adrin, Faj, and Yati-You ladies were really good at throwing a surprise party, i was literally surprised (well, being forever budak blur as Nad put it:)), you ladies deserve a pat on the back!:)

On Friday evening, I was in PD for Human Rights training, had the opportunity to learn vast knowledge on human rights, got to spend time with one another as before this training, we only got to see one another once a month at committee meeting and all we talk about is who is gonna take up this case/project. It felt like having an educational trip with one big happy family:) and conceding to the fact that we were a bunch of loud and happy people!:)

I had to bounce on Saturday night because I got to be present at Mentari Voluntary Tuition Project Open Day cum Meet the Parents Day the next Sunday morning. Before leaving PD, I had a great time hanging out with my friends by the beach, singing and staring at the moon, leaving behind the routine back in KL.

Mentari Voluntary Tuition Project Open Day cum Meet the Parents Day-the moment that every one was looking forward has been 7 months the project is running, and it still is..from 8 kids and 5 volunteers. and now the number has grown to 60 kids and 35 volunteers..i was so happy to watch the progress of each kid at Mentari Project. I still remember the first time I met these mentari kids, how shy they were, and how difficult to get them to speak. But now, as they were walking into the hall, lining up to perform the choral speaking, all I could see was their confident faces, getting all geared up to deliver..the parents were so happy and supportive..and the volunteers were overwhelmingly thrilled.

It feels good to know how close we've got to the kids, and how sincere they are to us, as they would do what we always tell them to do in class, as this was revealed by the parents during Meet the Parents Session. The parents told us that the kids were so excited to come to class and when they got home, they would be talking on and on about the experience that they had in class. Getting to know all these facts from the parents felt really good. It has always been worth it.

I would like to thank my fellow cikgu-cikgu @ volunteers for making all this possible. This project, the kids, the volunteers, the class, have always been dear to me as I couldn't get any happier every time I get to spend my time at this project. Oh, before I forget, getting to celebrate another surprise party at the open day was great! And the kids were asking “wahh..cikgu dah umur berapa??!..i just smiled!:)

Got another lepak session with uni friends on next Friday, again, to celebrate my Huda put it “serious Fad jadi nak lepak ngn kitorang??Fad kan suka tabur janji2 palsu!!”..Huda-yup I’m serious, next Friday, KLCC—trying to prove “tiada janji2 palsu:)”

to Nad-tima kaseh belikan cake yang lazat!!!!(special shout out nih :))
to Af juge-for the cute card!

dan tidak lupa juga kepada sasha lyna @ cha-cha dan entourage nya-tima kaseh kerana datang all the way dari ampang ke ttdi utk bersama2 diriku menyambut hari jadi:P


fraulein nadia said...

Wey, mana nama aku???

I was the one who bought the cake, sikit pun tak ingat eh.

Next year tanak join in ah lagi camni.

fadiahnadwafikri said...

aiyak..tetinggal la plak..dah ltak dah sepcial shout out lagi tu..jangan ah majuk hati wahai kawanku yang seorang!:)

Sasha Lyna said...

nad, fad mmg!!aku yg p jumpa dier pas korang nyer celebration x mention pon..fad, bukankah kita sudah emncapai tahap tertinggi persahabatan?....hikhikhik...cepat kasi edit itu post!!

fadiahnadwafikri said...

cha-cha, da edit da..tgk..hasil persahabatan tahap tertinggi, bagai bintang di surga :P

Sasha Lyna said...

hahaha...kembang idung lg..ari2 kembang..bila nak kurus nie..tima kacih..

Anonymous said...


aku yang penat2 memplan party hang, siap pakat dgn abg B..tak dpt special shout-out pun!! ni nak snap nie!!

dia mmg sha..kalau jumpa jom snap ramai2!!

Pak^Abu said...

alamak..macam de yang tertinggal je dlm citer sambutan birthday ko ekkkk??