Monday, February 11, 2008


The long break is finally over, I’m back to work. Sabah trip with Kak Lat was fun. I learned a lot of things from the training, even though I was not the one who was trained as I ended up facilitating the participants.

Information that we got from the training was rather disturbing. It was the truth. An inconvenient one. As human, we tend to forget and ignore facts that are not pleasant.

Admitting to the facts makes us human. We talk so much about development. We talk so much about being the world’s number one. We are proud of having the largest this and that. It is ironic that every day, there are people who are thrown out of their land and left homeless. There are still people who live without electricity. There are still people who have to get used to having their water supply interrupted for two weeks every month. The state of poverty is getting more critical. Enough said I guess. There’s a long way to go and there are so many things need to be done. Awakened, and I’m grateful.

K.K has always been my kind of place. Beside the luxurious seafood treat, we had a great time ‘trespassing’ UMS hatchery and Syed Ali’s ‘secret’ workplace which include gigantic aquariums, a big turtle that got food poisoning, cute baby turtles. In conclusion, it was such a great escape, I wish I could stay there forever. K.K rocks!

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