Tuesday, February 19, 2008

as i was driving to work this morning, there was a discussion on the radio, more of like a debate. and the subject was the difference between the roles of husbands back then and the roles of husbands these days.typically guys would never concede to the fact that it is equally their duties to do the dishes and other house chores, just for the simple fact that they are the breadwinners of the family...i figure this kind of debate is not odd among us...for me, the idea of husbands being the bread winners of the family justifies them not doing other things around the house is rather customary rather than a 'religion' thing..because ive heard a lot of people criticizing/attacking 'religion' for this.

yah, i guess it is a lot easier to attack the 'religion' for our failure to comprehend the right concept.when something is wrong, "oh it's the religion"...male dominance world is not odd in human culture, pre-conceived ideas have penetrated people's minds over the years. what really matters is how you look at things. sensibly.

i find it rather senseless and utterly annoying that most guys don't even want to wash their own plates after meals, as if they were born not to be in the kitchen..halo!jamie oliver makes millions of dollars being an excellent chef and cooks for his wife..

it doesn't really matter who does what around the house and it does not make any difference even when you are married. it's just a simple thing and why do we have to make things complicated by arguing wives should do this because they are women. being different does not make one superior or inferior over the other. being different gives us more room to appreciate one and another, more of a symbiotic relationship rather than claiming dominance over the other.

it's that simple. and i wonder why we make such a big fuss out of it.

yesterday was my mom's birthday.I called her up to wish her happy birthday, and the funny part was, she did not even remember yesterday was her birthday...and i always remember telling my mom how lucky she was whenever she got mad at my dad-that at least, when we were kids, my dad did everything for her, from cleaning, doing the laundry, not saying a word when my mom didnt cook for him, washing our shoes until we were in standard six, waiting for hours in the car waiting for my mum to get ready to go to work..

see, who says guys cant do all these?

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