Friday, February 15, 2008


It’s Friday and work keeps piling up..have been doing some running around this afternoon to get everything done…God, sometimes being busy is such a makes time run even faster than you think, and sometimes being busy keeps your mind away from silly little things that are just gonna hold you back.

I was a little surprised to receive a phone call this afternoon from a friend asking about a friend of mine who happened to be writing something about someone. Yah, it’s a complicated connection. But believe me, blogs can be a powerful platform to send over messages to the people at large. Imagine, someone you barely know gets to know about something that you write on your blogs about him/her. God, how fast newS can spread these days!

When we dissent/criticize, it’s not meant to be some form of ATTACK. Something to be taken from a different perspective. ENGAGE. This is the word that I learned from Mr Puraveelan on legal aid BBQ night some months back. A lesson worth learning I would say.

Hmm..enough said on that. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come. I’ve always had a dream of returning to my alma mater some day, and contribute something. Tomorrow IIU will be hosting the National Client Counseling Competition and I’ll be there as one of the judges together with 4 learned friends of mine from the BC Human Rights Committee. Also looking forward to attending Legal Aid Appreciation Dinner on Saturday night!time to catch up and have some fun!

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