Thursday, September 27, 2007



For me, the most beautiful moment of yesterday’s march was when everyone was standing in front of the PM’s office, screaming their lungs out and suddenly the rain started pouring..standing still, every one was…as I was holding the banners, I could hardly see a thing as the rain was extremely pouring heavily…all that I could hear was the voices of people who deeply believed in justice…

"What do we want????—JUSTICE!!!"
"SIASAT SIASAT"—all the way

and the most cute slogan of the day was—"do we want justice???"—correct! Correct! Correct! (it really sounded funny and cute saying "correct" over and over again…

I still remember waiting at dataran merdeka and all 5 buses took off simultaneously, and right in the middle of the highway heading towards putrajaya, our buses were stopped and pulled over…it was very much expected that the police were always used to manifest paranoia on behalf of our government…being in the so called democratic country, negotiation didn’t do any good, being one of the most civilized mode of communication-..we were still not allowed to proceed to the palace of justice..we decided to walk the 5 kilometres..and along the way, some lawyers stopped their cars and everyone just hopped on!!! Solidarity indeed is beautiful!

Everyone gathered in front of the palace of justice…it felt so good to see almost 2000 people most in black and white, fighting for the common cause-JUSTICE!…and in the midst of enjoying the hard-to-describe moment, I was interviewed by a Turkish journalist on various legal issues..and the most interesting part was about the issue of democracy in Malaysia…

Some people said there’s no use doing all this as it wouldn’t change anything, same old same old…for me, it always makes a difference between doing something and not doing something, there’s always a difference between believing and not believing, there’s always a difference between fighting for something and just sitting and talking or criticizing…I always remember the words of Almighty God—"do even the tiniest deed of virtue, as it always has a place in God’s heart".

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