Friday, September 21, 2007


Does it really matter? Yes, it does. Appalling. That’s a constant feeling of disappointment and discontentment. I once heard Tun Ahmad Fairuz said something about "amanah/trust" after his appointment.

A trust. I believe that trust bears responsibility and accountability. After what happened, has been happening and will happen, does he or anyone who stands on the same footing as his mean trust to mean TRUST?? Or it’s just a mere saying, because it does sound good to utter the word trust interchangeably with Arabic equivalent word-amanah. "Amanah", that sounds more Islamic doesn’t it? It is within our comprehension that amanah is no monkey business. But after 50 years of Independence, it sounds like it IS a monkey business among those in power. It is THAT good to be true!

After all these years, we’ve had enough drama in the Executive but it seems it’d be more spiced up if the judiciary is dragged along. The more the merrier! It’s Malaysia Boleh anyway, so it's nothing unusual I believe.

Indeed when I heard the news about the video linking the CJ to the "appointment fixing" scandal, I couldn’t help myself but to get extremely upset to the core of my being. "Amanah"- I wonder how these people have the guts to utter this sacred word because it seems like it’s just worth going down the drain. Are they the ones to suffer when all that we can see is the antipode of the word trust/amanah-BETRAYAL/KHIYANAH! But are they the ones to suffer? I highly doubt it because what really matters to them is what’s in it for them. The interest of the people.?Again, worth going down the drain! The interest of justice? Is this even real?

And yet, these people are the ones sitting up there, issuing statement to the mainstream not to mention biased media which turns out to be just a pretentious act are the ones who contribute immensely in putting the people’s fate on the line! Indeed, Malaysia BOLEH!

And I wonder what on earth could have possibly possessed them to utter this sacred word, as they are the ones who best explain what the word "betrayal" really means. How on earth they have the guts to utter this sacred word when their hands are tainted with deception and dishonesty.

It’s ironic that even after 50 years of Independence, the drama still continues, and the saddest part is, the people are still the ones to be left out to just watch their trust being ripped apart in exchange of Datukship, Tan Sriship, Tunship, whose closet has more skeleton, whose porch has more fancy cars, whose wife wears more expensive designer clothes, and who corrupts the most. Very well done indeed!

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