Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadhan al Mubarak to all:)

this morning was a great day to begin with...the hearing for the winding up petition went well and all the worries and complication seemed to go away the minute the judge granted the i was walking back and forth the court building, i bumped into kak fahda--one of the persons that i look up to for various good darn reasons...i had a long chat with her, it was the third time we she was jotting down my e-mail addrress, she actually got my full name right "fadiah nadwa binti fikri..see, i can remember your full name..":) as it has some kind of similarity with mine.."fahda nur ahmad kamar.."...

it always feels good when people can remember my hard-to-remember-pronounce always does...and it always feels good to be around people that i look up to, to listen to their stories, experience and advice...and that makes me love this profession even more...haha..POYO!!

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