Friday, August 10, 2007

As the issue of a malaysian student transforming his "creativity" and "patriotism" through a video seems to be most talked i was reading the newspaper, i'd rather pass and turn over to the comic page..nothing new i would say...for's reasonably right to criticise the policy of the government as this is a lawful exercise of civil disobedience and it has nothing to do with disrespecting one's country...but to insensitively and deliberately insult one's religion and belief is rather primitive and's nothing new to people who wear tudung/hijab/head scarf to be treated as if they are all nothing but a bunch of orthodox,deprived or rather unintelligent people and being discriminated against (it really happens..tell me about it!)...and it's heartbreaking that we hear people talking about obligation, responsibility, rights, freedom and civilisation..but we still fail to do one simple thing..that is RESPECT. It's not something that we are lacking, it's something that we refuse to have!

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