Wednesday, July 25, 2007

when i was little, my teacher used to tell this famous quote "loving one's country is one of the branches of faith".But it's pretty ironic that i constantly have the intention of running away from this country-finding neverland??(which i'll never do of course)-and the only reason that makes me feel that way is because of the irrationality and idiocy of the Government. as i was driving to work, there was a news on the radio stating that "Bloggers who spread rumours will be imposed with harsh consequences or subject to the ISA".there's nothing much that i could say, 50 years of independence is just a mere saying that's worth going down the drain, as long as there are still individuals who are holding the trust of the people using primitive measure(which they always do) every time they chicken out when (most of the time) they make a major, irreparable screw up with the tax payers money!

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