Thursday, August 23, 2007

last night was a crazy experience for me and my housemates.we'd almost gone mental when every one was stuck in the car, key-less (if there's such word!)-waiting for Kuhan to call us back and bring the key...unfortunately our good faith landlord didn't have any spare key..we were so screwed that all that we could do was laughing like there was no tomorrow...
when far,faj and yati insisted me to come along to join the so called have- a ride-no need to get out of the car- as we were only going to the petrol station and the atm, i decided to just be in my nighty...and it was such a coincidence that we saw nadia and she was dragged along in our quest to Gombak to meet my junior who happened to have my key as i left it long before i officially moved in..thank God we successfully got the key, or else every one would be on emergency leave today...we learned from what happened last night that:
1) give a spare key to your closest friend (we don't have trust issues)
2)don't ever be in nighties (you'd be so embarassed to get out of the car)
3)there's always a good reason why things happen (i never thought that the spare key that i accidentally left with my junior was the "key" to solving our problem-*sometimes it takes time for God to show that things always happen for a move on!!)

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