Friday, November 03, 2006

happy eidul fitr...even though the raya mood has faded away..but the memory on the first day of raya was usual..kakak and abang arzlee were with us this raya..abang firhat got quarantined because he got chicken pox..and kakak went back to the morning abah, mak, adik abg arzlee,kakak,adik and me took raya photos...paid visit to back home..watched tv...just like previuos raya..but what made it fun..the laughter..the jokes we made..the conversation we had...plainly fun..

and i still remeber 2 days before raya i started messaging dear frens of usual..every make a standard template of raya message-a pantun in particular...when i was cracking up my head thinking about the theme of the pantun message..i got a very brilliant idea..because the night before that i was so full of beans since my favourite team won against liverpool...way the go man u!!!!the message was :

"old trafford menjadi saksi,
man utd menang bergaya,
hari raya menjelang kembali,
ingin ku ucap selamat hari raya..-fadiah-the ever staunch fan of mu-"

so i started sending this msg to all my frens..

and much to my surprise..instead of getting a reply on raya msg i got funny reply particularly from liverpool fan, and arsenal fan too..(jealousy i guess ehehe)...i kept laughing and laughing...i still remeber pakdi said to me "takkan ku ampun mu fan di hari raya..pouchu..nak msg raya lain"...then i sent pakdi another msg as he requested..."selamat hari raya..maaf zahir batin...jemputlah datang ke rumah pouchu di old trafford"...;)

and khalid, abang ikhwan-being staunch fans of arsenal (uwekkk) were like...soooo jealous of mu..sorry guys!!!just cant help myself from being so joyous bout the victory..

and sarah kambali..being my mu fren since we were in uia...obviously shared the same sentiment as i did..way to go girl!!!!

that basically was it..raya 2006...

peace out!!!!****

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