Wednesday, May 03, 2006

it's been 5 days im here in uia..ive done my clearance yesterday..i met asma and nad...we had lunch together..we couldnt hang out much longer coz every one was having the same problem...coz suddenly after 5 years of studies our parents are so reluctant to let us do things that we used to do before..the freedom has GONE!!!my mom just called..''lepas balik redang terus balik umah k''..and i was like..''ayah asma jemput p umah dia..''-i guess that's the best excuse to extend my stay here..if i go back would be another session of interrogatories by the family members...

i met sir iqbal yesterday to pass him the cds that i bought in medan..a non stop conversation on various things...apparently he is the one who's been very supportive of me with this idea of exploring new things while im still young!!yay!!!

i just miss my frens many things to do..hmm..just cant wait to have a nice vacation in redang....cant wait also to have ex5/11 reunion next weekend!!!

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