Thursday, May 11, 2006

it's been two weeks im here..yesterday i told nadia that its always true that we have so many things to do with so little time..and its true that all the good things will have to end...but the memories will not fade and that makes life even more wonderful..i guess..

yesterday i had lunch with nadia asma and sarah..we talked about so many funny things..after that asma sent me to kulliyyah as i wanted to print out some materials for my research..sir iqbal was there..we discussed bout so many things...we talked about surah al an'am and he gave me an article that he wrote for his usrah that verse Allah made an equation between men who refuse to acknowledge the truth with livestock animals...indeed this surah is very familiar to most of us..but, the question is..why does Allah equate them with livestock animals instead of wild animals?and what makes it different?these qs were answered yesterday...ill post the detailed discussion on this some other day insyaAllah...and the discussion went on and on..from this verse to the political situation in turkey..the history of the ottoman empire..the nasionalist and secularist movement in turkey...concept of hikmah and tawakkal which is based on my own personal experience..kinda funny though..and last but not least..his never ending interesting stories about his life and experince...from hitchhiking and his handsome macho turkish frens...eheh..

like i said earlier..good things will have to makes me feel a little melancholic today..i cant stay here forever...ill be back soon then...ill meet sir iqbal this evening to give him his keys and then ill go to asma's house to spend some time with her family..and on friday we'll go to radzlan's house-kenduri..and on saturday ill be meeting my kisas frens-reuinion and on sunday and monday i'd have to spend some time with ellia and zai...only then ill be back home...:(...i know that there are some friends who'd be dissapointed coz i cant spend my time with so sorry...i feel really bad about it.. i have to go back coz muy mom has been asking me to come home...

insyaallah..we'll be meeting again..hmm...sir iqbal asked me yesterday..''bile lagi nak datang?'' and i was just smiling coz i dont have the answer...and only time will tell..

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