Wednesday, April 26, 2006

its been two weeks at home...ive been doing nothing beside watching tv..everyone is busy with work..i got to talk to my family only at night when we watched tv or have dinner..just me adik makkakak and abah..for the past first week ive been like..''boringnya..boringnya..''..i guess mom had it enough then she told abah..''esok jom p office..blajaq computer programming ngan kak pija..''i was like..''tak mau la abah..bukan nak guna sangat''-actually its just a way of escape haha...

but thankGod everyday my phone needs to be charged..coz it keeps on ringing..thanx to my frens-and suddenly..when im so passionate about traveling the world..i got so many invitations from various groups of fren-ajakpegi situla..sinilah..basically bercuti...cant wait to go to redang--yay!!its snorkeling time..this august im planning to go to jakarta..the ticket has been booked...and my mom hasnt got to know bout this..ill tell her when its about always..

this saturday ill go to settle some stuff..i can meet kakwana and my other roomies..yay!!miss u guys soosooomuch...i promise we'll spend our time together k..i cant wait to see asma and nad too..too many things to catch up!!!yay!!!..and mom starts asking, interogating i might say..''lama ka nakturun kl..nakwat ape..dah abes clearance nakpegi mane plak..lepas redang terus balik ke?thousands of qs..ehehe..i just can smile...this time it has to be a little discreet..sori mak!!!

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