Sunday, April 02, 2006

when i was studying cpc this evening while listening to 'torn'- acoustic version..i got an sms..

''fadiah nadwa,abang jumpa budak ni muka dia macam fad..sejibik..terus abang teringat kat fad..ehehehe..just wanna say hi..'' i replied ''yeke?serius takut haha...abang arzlee bila nak balik?leh kita g vacation sesama'' and abang arzlee replied ''dah takdak cuti..nanti bila free kita p k..miss u sis!''

i just smiled...its been quite some time i last met abang arzlee..during mid sem break...its really funny when i come to think about abang arzlee and my sister...everyone around me keeps asking..''diorang tak rindu ke sorang dok kuching sorang dok kdah?''all that i can say is my sister is still reluctant to move to kuching...and people asked''abang arzlee tak suruh ur sis mintak transfer ke?''--my sis told me that she asked abang arzlee is it ok for her not to ask for a transfer yet..and abang arzlee replied..''kalau you tak nak mintak lagi..i takpe.. i taknak pakse...if u dah ready u mintak k..every one will be like..''baiknya abang arzlee ni..''

indeed..he is to me and i guess to every one in my family one in a million..i guess its almost impossible to find a guy like him..and i always tell my sister how lucky she is to have him...a nice, cool brother...and how lucky i am to have another brother like him..hmm..kinda miss him too..but he'll be happy because my sister will move to kuching by this may or june...i just want to see them happy...

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