Wednesday, January 18, 2006

it's been a while i didnt write in my blog..i was so darn busy with works...i guess its not only me..but the the rest of my batch would agree with me..running around the kulliyyah to get our professional practice assignment done..

today is a little relaxing...hmm..for the past 2 days ive been addressed with one typical question.."eh fad,what happened to ur forehead?" ahah..aint that funny..even my lecturers keep asking the same question..."i got injured" and i just smiled at them...

life has been wonderful lately..ive been spending most of my time with my best buddies who keep on cheering me up with anything that they so blessed...this evening me and ellia were cycling around the kulliyyah parking felt wonderful as i feel more energetic and hyper active than before...ellia taught me to ride her scooter...hmm..i guess im a fast learner..i hope nobody tells my father bout that..he'd be mad at me..:)

when i was cycling, i met my tutor when i was studying consti in my second year at the car park..sir nizamuddin..a cool and a funny guy..we talked about so many's been a while since i last met him,,he is now the legal advisor at hsbc bank...too many things to catch up..and before he left..i had the oppurtunity to ask him something about jurisprudence...about inquisitorial system in syariah proceeding with regards to judges' role in giving ratio to arrive at a particular decision..wonderful!!!something to be applied in my favorite jurisprudence class with my great and respected lectuter..sir iqbal****wink***

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