Sunday, January 29, 2006

im at my bro's house with adik and billy...the last few days have been so so so wonderful to me...abang arzlee is also here till next week..last nite was awesome..finally i get to feel what its like to do something that ure really into..something that has been influencing ur life..thanx to abang,paklang,adik and abang arzlee,,we made a good team,wahla!!!ahah..

just now adik just thought me how to play the white fingers still hurt..but it was so relieved to be here at this moment..with people i call family, at a place i call home..i guess there's nothing more i would ask from God..He gave me this..and it means the world to me..ill dedicate my entire whole life just to make them happy..and this is my promise...

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