Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Of Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain and a Vege Garden

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I always think that Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain got the coolest job ever! Ya, I always adore these two as I just couldn't help myself from being overly amused by their antics on AFC and Travel and Living channels.

Bourdain and his sarcastic jokes, roaming around planet earth in search for a great thing that could bring everyone together--F.O.O.D. Exploring different culture and heritage couldn't be more intriguing. Oh, how I wish I was Anthony Bourdain. I get to travel the world and eat, meet different people and eat and experience different culture and eat some more. And..get paid for it [eat]!How cool is that?

And Jamie, a cool chef who is extremely passionate with his cooking. Baling bawang, perah lemon..tadaa...his recipe never fails my taste buds. When I talk about Jamie over and over again, particularly after trying his recipe, a friend of mine would always ask, "Jamie?? which Jamie?" and I would reply, "it's Jamie Oliver!" "Ohh, when you mentioned him it's as if he is your neighbour or something". Ya, food can break the celebrity-fan wall I would say.

Oh how I wish I was Jamie Oliver. How I wish I had a little vegetable garden in my backyard, pluck the vegetables and cook them, eat the food with some close friends, and play drums in a band afterward. A simple, yet a cool life it is.

But,come to think of "how I wish this and how I wish that..", as much as we love to live in somebody else's life, we have to accept the fact that we are different in our own ways. It's entirely our prerogative how to live our lives and make them meaningful. At least, on the day we leave everything behind us, we get to look back and be proud of something that we have left, something that is immortal.

Hmm, whatever it is, I'm still gonna have my own little vege garden in my backyard, When? When I can afford to buy my own house.When? God knows when!:P


Anonymous said...

Eat n eat some more? aiksss...bkn health n fitness freak ke? hehe..

fadiahnadwafikri said...

heeeeeeeeeeee, then bertapa kat gym, aci tak?:P

Mohd Firdaus said...

ala dia bukan makan sayur pon. berangan jer tuh. baik u buat reban ayam kat belakang. make sense jugak. hihi!

fadiahnadwafikri said...

encek, orang makanlah sayur, caesar salad sgt digemari, ditemani chargrilled ayam!:P reban ayam?itu sudah pasti:D