Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

I still couldn't wrap my mind around the hype on Obama, before and after he was elected as the US President. When he won, I told myself "let's see whether he is any different from the previous presidents". People say he is the first black president ever elected. If I were an American citizen, I would vote for a man of principle, regardless of his colour.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize recently. Peace. The word "peace" indeed brings very deep political connotations. It's not as simple as striking a peace sign pose every time the camera starts clicking. It's action.

And why am I not impressed at all? Look at American foreign policy on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and the previous wars on Nicaragua, Vietnam, Haiti, Guatemala etc that broke out in the name of upholding democracy and championing human rights where in reality those wars were and are being waged for nothing but to their own survival as a corporation labbelled as the United States of America that feeds on innocent civilian dead bodies.

Why am i not impressed? Because the deadliest foreign policy continues to be reaffirmed rather than denounced.

Why am I not impressed? People say he brings hope. And my take on that is, hope is not just a mere saying, it's putting words into action.

You can tweet about hope and aspiration all you want, you can write hundreds and hundreds of pages of articles on your blog, you can show off to people about all the books you read, you can be crowned as the most prominent human rights lawyer or the greatest human being on planet earth and whatnot, but if your words are nothing but a lip service, it's just utterly worthless.

Well, I guess I'm just not easily impressed.


shueyluweyduwey said...

adalah sangat not impressed with him too.all the hoop-de-la-hoop is just nothing-ness.

fadiahnadwafikri said...

tula shuey...indah khabar dari rupa.