Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is it "fancy" to read law?

I've been down with fever for almost a week now. The doctor said there's nothing to be worried about.

I got two matters in court today. My opponent and I keyed in our attendance at 845am. We were kept waiting for hours and at some point I couldn't stand it any longer. The fact that I was still feeling unwell really aggravated the situation. As I was sitting next to my opponent, I noticed that both of us were exchanging expressions, we asked the same questions to each other and then we gave the same answers. "when is our case gonna be called?" "I don't know..""how long do we have to wait?""i don't know?". Part and parcel of being a litigation lawyer. Every one has to wait. All you gotta have is patience.

Right after we finished our matter, I headed straight to legal aid room on level 5 to have some words with some students who came to pay LAC a visit. They are on their semester break and now they are attached to zaid ibrahim & co. part of the attachment program is to visit LAC and to get to know how it works. While waiting for Edmund to come and share his experience with the students, i was asked to start first. I shared a little bit of my experience with the students. how do i get involved in legal aid, what legal aid is all about and what legal profession is all about.

Right after that, the floor was passed to Edmund. He asked them one simple question : why do they read law. This is the most interesting part of the whole session. Most of them answered the question by saying that they are interested in law. It sounds good. Or rather cool. There was only one person who answered, “I read law because I want to help those who are oppressed”. Edmund continued the session by focusing on the reality or the real work done by lawyers in Malaysia. From human rights cases, public interest cases, taking up legal aid files. A real dose of what this profession is all about.

Before we said goodbye, we took a group photo. Right before I left, the students came to me and asked "can we do attachment at LAC?". (Remember the interesting part of this whole thing? this is it).I told them "yes, of course, we would love to have you with us". They took down LAC contact number and what impressed me was the look on their faces. Revelation kinda thing!

See, in the beginning, reading law was rather a 'fancy' thing for some people, but when they know about the reality and how they can contribute to the society and affect changes, the passion speaks for itself.


shueyluweyduwey said...

fad memang boleh memukau orang ramai bila bercakap. =) that's why i call her fiery fad!! =p

shueyluweyduwey said...

fad memang boleh memukau orang ramai bila bercakap. =) that's why i call her fiery fad!! =p

~salwaredzuan~ said...

i READ law bcos i cant read medicine, i cant read engines and i cant read calculus..

dats the loyar buruk part..

but i read law bcos i wanna be rich..

shiishhhhh..that one is also merapu..

i read law because i want to see justice 2b faithfully served.. and i still can see some good samaritans struggling to make it happen in our country...

*poyo alert* wink wink

fadiahnadwafikri said...

fad to shuey : ehehehP) *blush*

fad to emon : wahhhh!!!daku bangga dengan mu!!!!:)

~salwaredzuan~ said...

fad, bangga part poyo tu ke, part loyar buruk?hihihihi

fadiahnadwafikri said...

haha,part mana lagi kalo bukan part poyo lol...:P semangat takkan hilang!

Anonymous said...

i want to read law too since the day i heard from my very own ears that police abuse and intimidation is comment with my patients. some of them kept 3 - 4 days just because of being 'suspected' due to their former days of drug users.

its a sad sad world, but we must fight it!