Thursday, July 23, 2009


I’ve been wanting to write about Teoh Beng Hock’s mysterious death for ages but only today I have the strength to do it. It’s too heart wrenching to witness how the whole episode unfolds. I read the detailed report about Teoh’s death the moment I got back from Court on 17 July 2009. 17 July was my birthday. It was a really depressing day for me that I couldn’t stop thinking about it in every passing moment.

There are too many questions that linger around his death. The questions are left unanswered. Some people make cruel comments on Teoh’s death in response to public pressure calling for investigation.

In the midst of the raging tension, some people tend to forget that a life is lost. Some tend to forget that a mother is crying her heart out over her son’s death. Some tend to forget how many sleepless nights his family has to go through thinking about the unanswered questions. Some choose to ignore the issue. Some remain adamant in pursuit of truth.

God bless those who hold steadfast to their conviction in finding the truth. Only the truth will save us. Only when justice is upheld, we can proudly say out loud that we are dignified human beings.

Some ask does justice have a place in this beloved country of theirs? I understand the frustration and anger. It’s hard, that is one thing for sure. Bad things that happened are no longer a secret. Look at Kugan’s death. Look at Lingam’s case. Look at the cold blooded massacre in Memali. Look at the Federal Court’s decision on the barbaric act and torture inflicted on former ISA detainees. Look at this report. Look all around us. Nobody is held accountable. What have we become? Where is accountability? Where is due process? Who is going to put a stop to all these atrocious things?

There is only one thing for sure about all these things. We are all going to be held responsible for the things that happened right under our nose. Our inaction will hold us responsible and it will speak for itself. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Someone’s life might be lost again, while our conscience is wasting away.

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