Friday, August 15, 2008

Of Prankster

i just don't know what's getting into me, the sombre mood that i could hardly explain and the constant wandering mind which caused quite an embarrassing moment yesterday. as i parked my car in front of Jabatan Tanah dan Galian KL, i got a call from my boss saying that i left my purse on my desk. careless i was. damage control time: i started forming possible answers in case i got stopped by the Police. upon approaching the main entrance, i went straight to the lift. the guard came and asked me to register first to get the entry pass. and i was like, ''ok'' (I'm so screwed). i told the guard the real story, he eventually allowed me to get the pass, thanks to my ability to buat muka kesian yang teramat, i got away this time, just like always!.

as i was on my way back, the wandering mind syndrome struck again that i decided to drive through the smart tunnel to avoid the bad traffic, (so not smart of me, obviously), forgetting that i didn't have money to pay the toll charges. i only realized that fact as i was stopping at the toll gate. i told the toll gate lady to wait for a while as i was digging my hand bag looking for some coins. too bad that i only had RM1.10!90 cents short! muka kesian part 2 began - "Cik, macam mana ni, saya tertinggal purse kat office, ada 1.10 je ni??"..she was like "takpa2, saya bagi IOU nanti cik bayar". i was so relieved! never knew of that.

coming back to the topic of this entry, a good friend of mine, or rather partner in 'crime' back in uni, and nemesis back in school ( had made a special request that i put this topic up on my blog. well, given the state of mind i'm in now, a chill pill won't do any harm right?:P

i still remember one day after my birthday, while i was in PD for Human Rights Training, i received a call from a 'reporter' from the Star newspaper. he said, he got to know about my blog and how interested he was to republish my entry on polygamy in the youth section in the newspaper. i was cool about it and as he was asking about my particulars, he asked me to write down his contact details.

"please write this down,"..and i was like, hmm..quite familiar with this name. but i dare not ask. it went on and on and i bought that in toto (my naivety is sometimes killing me and i don't really quite like that actually)

then he asked me to take down his mobile number and sms him my details, i took it down and again i was wondering, this number sounded familiar..then he asked me to give a call on that number which i did!Gotcha or rather, Got me! he didn't say that but i was terrible gotcha-ed!

according to my friend, he thought the moment i called up the number, i was gonna find out that it was him who made the call as obviously his name was gonna appear on my phone. and me, being so 'lurus' about this whole thing, dialed up the number without looking what appeared on the phone screen. and he actually had to call back and told me that i got a prank call!

the moment i found out, i screamed like crazy!that was real good that i felt so bad giving him and my other friend a.k.a the accomplice (http// the chance to feel so good about this. the research that they did to make it more real deserved a pat on the back!P

well, i know i had caused you guys so much pain back in school with my garang-ness and non-stop lectures whenever we had a fight, so you guys are forgiven this time, and i have to admit to the fact that you guys really pulled this of!:P


Pak^Abu said...

Balik surau beli sugus..
kwn ko tu mmg bagus..

Sugus lekat celah gigi..
tahun depan kita wat lagi..

Sugus tadi dirampas Acappan..
Leganya rasa bila dimaafkan..

Sugus tertinggal dalam beca..

fraulein nadia said...

Itu bukan naivety namanya.
Itu blur tahap gaban!
So uniquely Fadiah.

shueyluweyduwey said...

why don't u put up a writing for ur bday bash.u were blur as ever jugak!!!!!!!! and i agree with itu fraulein nadia. bukan naivety ye kawan kawan.itu adalah blur.hihihhi.

fadiahnadwafikri said...

Fad to Pak Abu- kajang pak malau kajang berlipat, kajang hamba menkuang layu, manakan daku tidak melompat, plan gotcha mu itu segar diingatanku!

fad to nad-hahaha, blur-ness ni gakla menceriakan kehidupan korang kan haha!

fad to shuey-bday bash tu tak sanggup nak tulis shuey, takot terguris hati para perancang hehe:P

Pak^Abu said...

kira untung la ko gak insan ingat birthday sumthing 4 ur orang yg takde org ingat birthday dia..tunggu punya tunggu..lagi la haru..huhuhu

fadiahnadwafikri said...

fad to pak abu-hahaha, tu ah.. rasa disayangi kawan2 tu..achewwahhh!apa lagi, cepat masak mee goreng mamak mengangangguk setuju setelah takot diugut dengan siraman racun lalang!:P