Thursday, August 28, 2008

I still couldn’t find the time to write on Permatang Pauh by-election due to work that keeps on pouring in.

But I’m tempted to reply to a friend’s opinion posted on friendster. To dear friend, I hope you don’t mind me posting the response and my reply on my blog.

Fretting because he has no money to move to england because anwar ibrahim won the by-election
"it was regretted that anwar ibrahim won the election. all we don't have much choice in the matter, but electing anwar to the parliament is the gravest mistake one has ever done, worse than the sultan of kedah's mistake. many will not agree, but i will wait for the day when i can gleefully rub it in and say 'i told you so'. mark my word, by then its too late. hopefully by then too i can afford the move to england."

my response:

well my friend, that is how democracy works, the people have made their decisions and they have faith in their decisions. at least IF something were to happen in the future, they are prepared to face the consequences and face the music, here in i always say, its the struggle of the people, for the people. well, its not like things have been ok with our country following mahathir's legacy,thanks to him for ruining the judiciary..thanks to him for paying 4.6 billion to US lobbyist to arrange a meeting with bush.

even if war breaks out,here in Malaysia i pray to God that ill be here together with my fellow malaysian friends to continue the struggle.

no hard feelings-just my humble opinion.


fraulein nadia said...

"all we don't have much choice.."

-x paham. Shud it be "Although..."?

I think evry1 is entitled to their own opinion 2 wat kind of a person DSAI (or any other jokers) is.Its really personal preference whether u wanna like him or not.

I just dont like how some fans r so fanatic about who they support.& that's x just with DSAI. With PKR, UMNO or whoever. Like how u think someone is conceited (or apa dah lupa) not to concede that the govt has done a lot of wrongs, I think you (people in general,not fad la) r too fanatical not 2 think of the possibility DSAI mite be wrong.

Di akhir zaman ni mcm2 orang ada kan. Ada imam gay, etc. So x mustahil gak DSAI might'v done wat he's been accused of, albeit maybe willingly whc means the victims aint victims bt to totally rule it out is a bit fanatical la. Like I said, I'm 65%:35% divided. It's a small doubt bt the fact is,I'm still doubtful.

He's a politician and EVERY politician hs his own agenda.I've been observing him since he's a DPM. He seems to think someone took him away of his divine right to be a PM.& that's annoying.

But anyway, whoever u or I support, lets just hope this country doesn't fall into the wrong hands.& we're still friends,kan? So it's not that bad la...this is healthy argument :-)

nadia said...

Congrats on GMI win. Perjuangan masih belum selesai :-)

fadiahnadwafikri said...

yes, every one is entitled to their opinions, and my argument is not centered to whether we should idolize this man or that argument has always been about the people's struggle for a better malaysia.dsai has offered to serve the people and people have given him the mandate to do that. it's the people who have elected him to be in parliament.

as to the sodomy accusation, i'm not interested in arguing whether he is 1% or 25% or 100% innocent or guilty based on what this or that person say of what kind of person he was back then. its an accusation and let the justice system (which i still have doubts as to its independence) determine that. my stand that he is innocent of the accusation is based on established facts and the malicious intention that is clearly shown by the authority.

being a person i am,given the opportunity to learn what law is all about and given the opportunity to be involved in things that i've been doing, im trying my utmost best to be objective.

something that is beyond my knowledge is within God's power.

nad, in this world there are always people who are fanatical about almost everything, and there are also people who are mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions.

and believe me, not every one who does or believes in what they do are doing it blindly. people are becoming more aware of their rights and im witnessing this before my own very eyes. and people who have the courage and willingness to see change happen in malaysia are aware of the price they face to pay, its a sacrifice.

it always got me thinking why would people fight for something that they believe in at the expense of their freedom and life?some people say they are dumb because they could just sit back and relax at home, go to work, earn some money, send their kids overseas and when things get rough they can just buy tickets and leave the country.

but for me, people who are struggling to make this country a better place have always been the people who are defending this country's dignity against injustices and vices. and i believe, in the event things get rough in the future, these people are still gonna be here, standing by their country,defending her dignity. and i can always count on them.

the moment we are silent about injustices that happen around us, our inaction indeed has been paving our country's way to destruction, and believe me, in no time God's wrath will befall upon us and we will stand accused before Him for our inaction.

indeed when people struggle, its for the better, but that doesn't mean the result is gonna be the way every one expected it to be.we are dealing with human beings for God sake. its the process that counts.

when you defend your country in war, the act of defending is vital and sacred. it doesn't matter if you lose or die eventually, even though you might hear people say "i told you so, why you do wanna go to war and die".that is life, its all about struggle between good and bad, the purpose of the very creation of human beings.

people have been giving their mandates for almost God knows how fricking years to the ruling party,with all these blinding material developement that makes us indebted for life, but the soul/spiritual aspect of developement is dying as time passes by, and all these people want to see is this dying soul to be restored back in their country.

sunia akhir zaman, penyelamat kita adalah kebaikan dan perjuangan menentang kezaliman.

yes nad, its a healthy argument indeed. of course we are still friends:P

nadia said...

Waaah fad, U got me in tears with that speech there. Hehehe...That shud get the gold award for Hari Merdeka speech :p

Seriously, everyone is fighting fad, in their own ways which they think is the right one. Not every1 is into political activism but I'd like to think that people who are not politically an activist is in a way giving their all in contributing to the prosperity of the country too.

We can't say a man who works 24 hours is not socially conscious cos all the thinks about is money and not the society. For once there is such thing as CSR & an economically strong country is crucial to make the country a better place to live in as well.

As u know, I'm the biggest fan of loyalty so I'v always thot people who'd simply flee the country when things get rough are traitors. Like you, I have issues with that too. If ISA shud exist, it shud be full of traitors.

Material development is only partially blinding. It brings loadsa benefits to the country. The only question is where does the money go to. We still need material developments no matter whoever takes on the authority role. And I know part of ur struggle is to make sure that the money goes to the people as it shud be but idealisms must sometimes be coupled with reality.

Kita tunggu dan lihat sajalah apa yg akan terjadi kepada Malaysia. Like I said, I always pray that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
And I'm still not convinced of DSAI (based on his years in the Govt and his personality, which shudnt be used for personal attacks but it in a way shows what kind of a person he is). Then again, there's not much of a difference pun bcos we don't have any viable leaders anyway.

One question: One PKR YB maintains - "Perjuangan saya adalah perjuangan Anwar Ibrahim". Does that mean if Anwar Ibrahim dah tak berjuang for whatever thing he's berjuang for, this YB wud stop as well?

fadiahnadwafikri said...

i'm not saying that all people must be political activists and im not saying that we dont need material development...all im saying is we have to start finding the missing point and try to get things right, the democratic way...

it's just utterly annoying to hear condescending remarks directed to the people who believe that democracy is the only viable method to form a just nation.

im addressing the imbalanced arguments that are often brought up..if every citizen understands and performs his/her obligation as a citizen in his/her different way, none of these craps would surface as problems.

life is always about taking chances, but if we follow the right way and the right principle, insyaAllah, God will show us the way and help us through the way.

as to the remarks made by one PKR YB, it is a matter of his opinion, and that would not in any way influence my principle and belief.

ok,gotta go now, dapat balik awal harini..:P