Monday, April 28, 2008

peace of mind, and that was Taiping Lake Garden.the hash run: free them (ISA detainees) was a success as the lawyers and members of public decided to run on that day despite being discouraged to take part in the run for some unfounded reasons.

it was always my intention not to run, (as i dont like running,). since every one was insisting, i decided to drag nad and af along..after a few minutes we decided to drive and follow the hashers from behind.Dara, being all ready in her sports attire was lured to hitch a ride with us, leaving Edmund behind, running with other hashers.

all in all, it was a success as every one was so dedicated to fight for the cause.the media coverage was great.there were a few reporters from Indonesia who came to cover the event.i was so glad that GMI was given a warm and pleasant welcome by the hashers and they decided to organize the next run in KL. I was so glad that i had the opportunity to promote our 'abolish ISA campaign' as i was given the honour to make a speech. and the cutest moment was when every one sang me a song after i finished giving my speech.i told chris, one of the organizers that they've got such a cute collection of funny and cheerful songs which made the event more meaningful and pleasantly overwhelming.

i also had the opportunity to talk to ADUN Pokok Assam, Mr. Yee Seu Kai about our campaign, and he was more than happy to help out with the campaign. there was also a 5 minutes interview with Malaysiakini reporters about the campaign.

i was thrilled.

as everyone was about to leave for dinner, being spontaneous as we always are, we decided to continue our road trip to penang. nad wanted to buy new dvds and i wanted to eat the famous chicken conclusion, that was the epitome of a bunch of happy people who find working life is nothing but deprivation of freedom!:)

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