Thursday, April 24, 2008

i was standing in a crowded place, in my black and white suit, and the next thing i know i was brought to a camp by some FRU personnel. all that i could think of was how to escape from this place. i remember holding my mobile phone, tried to call my lawyer friends but couldnt get through.."where have all the cowboys gone (paula cole)" salah, rather "where have all my lawyer friends gone"..yah, by playing some songs would make it more dramatic.

i heard from other detainees that the SBs are coming to torture me.."saints are coming!"(green day feat. U2), eh silap, rather "SBs are coming!".

it was too tensed that i later found myself sitting on my bed at 230 in the morning..God, that was depressingly scary! being involved in GMI campaign and reading the judgment of Malek Husin's case yesterday must have contributed to this.

now i know what it feels like.

hmm..looking forward to road tripping with af to taiping to join the 'Bar Hash Run-free the ISA Detainees'. Nad will be following too, i hope her mum would say yes, yah Nad, u better behave yourself in order to get your mom's permission!

we'll be leafleting and try to get the people to sign the all means necessary.ill think about it tomorrow.still thinking how to dress up my car. need to get my car transformed into a mobile cool is that..ala2 rancangan pimp my ride.:)

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