Friday, March 17, 2006

only one word could describe my feeling right all the good thigs are almost over..i guess i know what makes me start to feel this was last nite as i had my second jurisprudence the end of the class sir iqbal gave us his words of wisdom..

among the things that he said:

"when u go out of this a person who has good quality and character"
"if ure in high position, dont look down on other people"
"jaga adab"
"believe in what u believe in..dont get affected by what others say about u as long as u know that ure being honest to God"

he also told us that he really enjoyed teaching our class..he said that our class was the best class he ever taught..he thanked the class for giving him a wonderful experience in his teaching i feel like crying again..normally when sir iqbal was talking..the whole class would be filled with laughter..but last nite..the class got so quiet when sir iqbal was expressing his feelings....

at the end of the class we took pictures with him..he was so happy as he kept on laughing and smiling..and every one was so happy last nite..

indeed to me..he's been a great TEACHER..its hard for me to tell people how much i look up to him...all the things that he used to say have always been in guide me through this life..all the things that he said have always made me want to be a better person..all the things that he said have always been a guidance to me...i know many people dont understand this..what makes me feel this way..but i once told a close fren and my roomies that "in life, it happens only once for a person who can substantially influence ur life"...i thank God for this blessing...all the things that he said were not only related to our subject in class.. its about life..and this means the world to me...its always been my hope that i can hold on to these precious things till my last breath..and i hope that thre's always someone who can remind me if ive ever changed....

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