Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me, me, me syndrome

As we were having dinner last night, talking about getting older-immaturity-a lorry driver who just disappeared after banging PUSPAKOM's wall-you can never win an argument with conservative parents, and somewhere in between this conversation, a usual high pitched voice of Far suddenly hit my ears! "why did you stop writing your blog?".

And I replied "I'm scared that I would become self absorbed/obsessed (the me, me, me syndrome as KL put it), that it will annoy me and others to death, just the way I get easily annoyed when YBs tweeted about "I just crossed the road-I visited surau A and then surau B-I missed my lunch and my stomach is killing me".

The reply : "Hell no! you write something on how you feel about things, not what you just do!".

Point noted. Hence this entry.

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