Friday, December 04, 2009


As I was waiting for the other side’s lawyer in Court today, one lawyer asked me about the EGM which was going to be held soon. He thought the EGM was going to be held tomorrow. I told him that the EGM is gonna be on 12.12.2009. And the conversation went on:

Him : It’s good that matters are heard expeditiously and decisions are handed down fast. But whether the decision is made after a thorough consideration is another issue.

Me: Yes, we have to admit that Judges are put under pressure because of the KPI, and definitely KPI would be hanging in their minds while they are rushing to hear cases and make decisions. It’s dangerous.

Him : Yes, I agree.

Me: At the end of the day, we lawyers wouldn’t suffer as much as the litigants would.

Him : Things shouldn’t be done at the expense of justice.

Me: I couldn’t agree more. Everything goes back to the basic principle of reasonableness and conscience. When discretion is exercised based on these basic and vital principles, the system will benefit every one and punish those who take things for granted.

Suddenly there was one lawyer entered the court room and came near to where we were sitting. I continued flipping through my submission. A conversation between the lawyer and the new lawyer took place:

Lawyer 1 : So, are you going to the EGM?

New Lawyer : ahhh..I’m fed up with the Bar Council, they don’t do things for their members.

There was a sudden pause. He continued :

New Lawyer : Look at the election, the same old faces....

I looked at him.

Me: Well, as much as you are not happy with the decision, that’s what democracy is all about right?

He kept quiet. I continued:

Me : Did you vote? (while smiling)
New Lawyer : (he just looked at me, no answers given).

I continued flipping through my submission while wondering whether the other side’s lawyer was already there.

The two lawyers’ conversation continued:

New Lawyer: Can we have new Bar Council ar? These people they only care about human rights, and they just ignore their members.

The first thing that popped in my head was “MEDIEVAL”.

I contained myself not to contribute even a word in the conversation. It’s an utter waste of time exchanging opinions with people who don’t even understand the basic underlying principle of a particular subject. At this point in time, silence is the best option. And the moment of silence can be utilized to reflect on a lot of things.

Lawyers. What have we become? We whine because our organization does not hold a peaceful assembly in front of the Palace of Justice to fight for a car park area for us? We whine because our pocket is shrinking and our plans to upgrade our BMW 7 series to God knows how many BMW series have to be put on hold? We whine and whine and whine because those people out there choose to help the less fortunate and not us? And we dare call ourselves lawyers?

What a disgrace.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that rice bowl issues are not important. We too need to survive, that’s the reason why we have to go to work every day. But for lawyers to whine like a little baby who has yet to be fed is just utterly wrong.

Why? Because we still have the means to get our concerns heard and worked on.

What about the less fortunate, oppressed and marginalized people who we envy because they get the extra attention? What about these people who can’t afford to waste even a minute failing which their lives, liberties and rights are at stake? What about them?

Aren’t you a human being yourself? Or your status as a lawyer is so great that it can be allowed to transcend your values as a human being? what about your conscience?

Again, what a disgrace.

Well, after hearing this, I won’t blame the laymen to continue having this stereotypical perception about lawyers : lawyers care about nothing else but money.

Thanks, thank you so much for ruining the nobility of the profession.


Michael Loo said...

i like this ranting :)

the bar council doesn't exist for lawyers

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ini macam punya orang akan quit practice n join MLM. trust me

fadiahnadwafikri said...

agak ah...hmmm.