Wednesday, December 24, 2008

KL Teater Bilik Sulit: The Closing Night!

Last night was the closing night for Teater Bilik Sulit. Full house. I could still remember preparing for the play two weeks before it started. Before Kak Lat left for Japan, I managed to see her and sorted everything out. I was a little worried that I had to make decisions on my own during her absence.

Organizing programs is seriously no picnic. But the experience is all that matters. Decision making, communication, negotiation, having to run back and forth here and there. And i quote Billy Joe from Green day "for what is worth, it was worth all the while.."

Organizing programs, again, I reiterate here, is no picnic, as things like these are also bound to happen at the same time : miscommunication, torn in trying to make everybody happy having to make big decisons in a short period of time. But then again, this is what we call experience. A lesson worth learning.

And the best part of this play was, having great friends around to help me organize this play. For me, it is crucial to have a fun working group that can just crack up jokes and laugh and laugh and laugh, and make people around us laugh in amazement asking "what on earth could have possessed these people?".

And the fun part of this play was, the after party that we had at Mamak in Bangsar. Eat and be merry. Eat and laugh. Eat and talk about the world (??)

It's kinda sad that the staging of Bilik Sulit in KL had to end. It had been so much fun having it on 4 consecutive nights. Life is back to normal again, at least for a few days, as we have to start cracking for the staging of Bilik Sulit in Penang which is gonna be held on 9,10, 11 January!Something to look forward to!Boria Penang (as the opening act??) here we come!!:P

Special thanks to the ever committed committee members, Kak Lat, Sasha, Farhana, Nalini and Murnie for their tremendous committment to make the play a success. Seriously we couldn't have pulled it off it it wasn't for each and every one of you. And to every one who was involved directly or indirectly in the play, many thanks to you!


Fiquelicious said...

thanks la kepada syafiq sunny skali

fadiahnadwafikri said...

thanks syafiq sunny!tanpa anda kurang meriahlah pementasan bilik sulit!:)

Sasha Lyna said...

thank u je?mane boleh..banjer wayang!!hahahah

fadiahnadwafikri said...

apsal asek fad je kena blanja wayang nih, tak pueh hati eden...nak majuk la, sasha tgk moto2 tak ajak fad pon hahhahaha!*majuk mode*