Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The weak and the powerful

I watched this movie last night

What do I have to say about this movie?it was hilarious!
And this particular part really made me laugh my head off:

"My name is Moto Moto, it's so hot you have to say it twice"(btw, Moto means hot)

There was this part in this movie where Makunga (the power-hungry lion) had forcefully seized Zuba's reign as King of the wilderness. Makunga ruled the wilderness in the truest meaning of dictatorship. Whoever opened his/her mouth would end up being kicked and land on the other part of the world.

One day, every one started freaking out as the land's water supply was drying up. There would not be enough water for every one. Makunga arrogantly announced that whoever wanted to have the water would have to fight for it.

A little deer stepped forward and said that it was obvious that he (Makunga) would win because he was the most powerful of them all. Every one else would eventually die.

My summary on Makunga's perspective on the crisis-Too bad that you were born weak. Life is unfair, deal with it or just drop it!

I would have to admit that this part of the movie was intriguingly provocative. It deals with the relationship between the weak and the powerful.

To state the obvious, this is how the world works. We have the poor and the rich, the weak and the powerful, the fortunate and the unfortunate. When we talk about economic, social, political and cultural development, the main goal must be towards bridging the gap that keeps on widening in the name of modernity. The formula must always be the enforcement of rule of law and principles of justice and humanity.

These rules and principles never change. Only human beings do. It’s like conscience. Conscience will always be there, at the back of our heads, but it all depends on the individual whether he opts to acknowledge it or ignore it.

Some say there is no such thing as absolute rights. Some say there is no such thing as absolute freedom which justifies the true meaning of democracy to continuously derogate. And that some people forget what those words mean.

The term human rights mean the minimum standard of protection of basic human rights and freedom to which all human beings are entitled to as a human beings. The word "minimum" and "basic" should be given emphasis as to comprehend what human rights is all about, and to deny the "minimum" and "basic" rights and freedom is nothing but absolute injustice.

For human beings to continue to flourish, it is mandatory that this rule of law must be adhered to unconditionally. A country will not collapse and come to its doomsday by upholding these unconditional, inalienable, God-given basic rights. A country will not collapse by defending those in need against those who would always have the upper hands in economic domination. A country will not collapse by defending the refugees in the name of humanity and brotherhood. A country will not collapse by giving decent wages to the workers. It’s a matter of faith. And only faith can bring us all to heaven.

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