Thursday, November 15, 2007


and the menteri said:-

and the menteri said: "saya memang tak suka al jazeera...dari dulu lagi saya dah bantah al jazeera buka branch di kl...buat apa kita nak al jazeera..KITA BUKAN ORANG ARAB!!"... far and me laughed like crazy...

and the menteri said: "saya memang tak suka tengok peguam-peguam berjalan dalam walk for justice...diorang ingat diorang tu selalu betul...kalau dah betul kenapa diorang bela penjenayah di mahkamah..kan mmg penjenayah tu mmg salah"..and we laughed so hard that our stomach muscles went numb!!!!

in conclusion, stupidity has gone way beyond redemption..i know its funny and all..but I deeply deeply resent this as it is such an insult to the people who value intelligence..because we still have intelligent people in our beloved country, the only difference is, they have to struggle to get their voices heard...

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