Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sungai Buloh prison.i was so thrilled the moment my boss asked me to go to the prison, to interview a client that is being charged under Dangerous Drugs Act which carries death sentence. prior to the visit, every one was a little concerned that i had to go there on my own..but seriously, I was more than happy to go there on my own...:)

the place was like a maze. the moment i entered the door, i knew that i was so gonna get lost on my way out....i waited for about half an hour in the waiting room and then my client showed up....he looked calm and collected...very respectful...he is a refugee from Acheh and he came to Malaysia after the tsunami aftermath...and the moment i asked him about his family, he was about to burst into tears as he wasn't sure whether he had anyone left back home...i freaked out for a few seconds and asked him to calm down, or else i was pretty sure that i'd be crying buckets too...i continued taking his statement.

i asked him what did he tell the police during his arrest and he kept on telling the same thing that he'd been telling me from the very beginning...and suddenly he said that the Police kept on beating him, asking him to admit to the crime...and he further said "diorang pukul saya, tak apalah itu kan dah kerja diorang" sounded as if "it's 'ok' if they want to beat me"--I told him "NO, its not 'OK' to do that" , ...and I got so upset that I said, only inhumane human beings can do such thing to other human beings!

this kinda thing is nothing new to us, its not something that is unheard of...and we have come to a point where we hear about this kind of thing on a daily basis and we tend to say,,"yah it happens...there's nothing much we can do" or even worst "..bla bla bla for some fricking economic reason, we can compromise the price of life..bla bla..." it or not, this is what has been happening...and its such a sad sad true story!

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