Friday, March 23, 2007

since today is the last day of my pupillage...and after my brain was put to its maximum deliberation process, responding to Mr Edmund Bon's challenging interview question, i decided to to write 6 weird things about myself as i just got tagged by aja...(aja-its kinda hard actually eheh!)..

1) I'm terrified of animals-from the slimy little worms to gigantic horses...on various occasions when i was helping my mom preparing food in the kitchen, if i had encounters with the slimy little things playing hide and seek in between the vegetable leaves, I'd end up crying on the couch in the living room.

2) every time i have physical contact with certain objects such as shoes or sandals, id have this weird imagination that the germs were crawling up my hands.

3) i like to do things that would be seen as "macho" instead of "girlish".

4) I'm so obsessed with's really disturbing if i don't get to sleep in exact substantial amount that I'm used to. And it's getting even weirder that lately, i couldn't have that much time to continue sleeping as I'd automatically wake up at 8 am..(ain't that weird?-i couldn't agree more).

5) i love to indulge myself in depressive kinda songs. cheesy-bimbo-ish (paris hilton and the like cheesy weesy songs--strict prohibition rule applies!!!).

6) I sing in my sleep

--and i don't think i can get even weirder than that!!

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