Sunday, August 06, 2006

i sent a message to ellia last nite..and she replied.."kalkfad n uia takdapat dipisahan.."-hmm..5 years there have taught me a lot..particularly on frenship...

life sometimes is full of stagnancy..but it really is up to u how to go through it...when u look around u..there are many things for u to smile about..

but life has been a little different lately..choices nad decisions...sounds more serious than usual..but all i wanna do is smile..dont really have much time to burden my head thinking of these issues..

but life has been good to me for the past few months eventhough i might look stucked here in my hometown..kinda true though..but i enjoy being here coz work has been good get to know many people in this practice really is helping me through my chambering...

but there's one undeniable fact..that im physically separated with my good buddies..but the thought that counts right..even my thoughts of them can make me smile when i was driving alone to work..people might think that i might have a little cuckoo in my head..whatever..

really missed my frens..ellia n our dream futsal team..i wish they're gona make it..last nite an old fren form me dic kuantan asked me to watch him play basketball..aiyakk..too bad man..they lost though..hehehe..n now..talking to kak wana..on what she's gona buy capin for his bday!!!

hmm..tomorrow is my the spm trial exam..that means i got to monitor my brother 24/7//after he had learned the unforgettable drama the other day when i found his report card..i flipped out and mom and abang firhat just kept quiet to see this amuk scene...i was so mad and i bro just sat in the words spoken..and abg firhat said"mulai hari ni..kakcik in charge everything pasal studies adik..abang tak mau dengaq any word from kakcik complaning about u" bro cried..and cried..felt guilty..well thats good..and abg firhat made him promise us to strive for the ive become the unpaid tutor who has to sacrifice my tv session...he really is testing my patience..a real hard case when it comes to studies..but i can see a difference now...i wish him all the best!!!

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