Monday, July 17, 2006

first of all i would like to say a million thanx to my frens for such lovely really is gonna make me cry..come to realize that there are many people who are praying for me...thanx..and for those who sent their wishes after midnite..i' like to apologize if i ever sent a groggy reply..still semi conscious as i slept early last nite...

to ati..thanx for the song..hmm...tyanx for knowing me inside out..cant help myself but to cry for the song..=(..

life has been wonderful lately..nice colleagues at work..yesterday when i opened my drawer i was screaming coz i found many guitar chords for my favourite songs..thanx to my office mate for having to search for them in dusty boxes under the bed..ehehe..

and i cant help myself but to laugh at asma's and nad's wishes today...and to my brother's sms yesterday and sms to him yesterday''keselamatan pengharian jadiaanmu..semoga berpanjangi keumuran.."and he replied"terimalah kasihmu kerana mengucapinyer!''

and today i got an sms from him"hey,selamatkan pengharian jadimu hari ini,mudah-mudahkan pemanjangikeumuranmu lah!" and i replied"penerimaan pengasih diatas berucapanmu itu!"..


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