Thursday, June 29, 2006

What a memorable weekend. I came down to KL last Thursday to file in my petition for chambering. I stayed at ati’s coz I made my promise to spend the weekend with her. On early Friday morning I went to Masjid Jame’ to get all the things done.kinda worried coz I barely knew the exact location of the places that I had to go..the high ct,commissioner for oath and the bar council…indeed God is always with me when I need Him the most..i happened to see farhana on my way out of the erl counter…but a few seconds after that I lost her..i decided to have my breakfast first..just to kill time as I’d do anything to avoid the traffic-not on the road..but in the lrt..for crying out loud!!how could these people stand this every day????that makes me want to own my own private island someday!!haha..even if its only in my dreams..ahaha!!somehow my instinct kept telling me to call farhana on the phone just to tell her that I just saw luck!!!her office was just around the places that I needed to go..she practically brought me to these places..i was so happy for that..i met hida and raina..unplanned reunion…after I got all the things done..i have to wait for about two hours coz asni wanted to have lunch with me..but I had to wait until she’s done with her work at the Malaysian bar…

On Saturday..ati and me went to tim’s was a garden wedding..awesome..i met hida,munah,dilla,ema;asma,syitah,pakdi,aja,shue,lily and sasha and sir iqbal felt so good to gather and talk and talk and we usually did before..talking for hours..even in a one could help it I guess..and tim’s photographer kept coming to our table..he took lots and lots of pics…on our way back..after four hours being there..we saw a playground next to where ati parked her car..and we decided to go and play with the swings… it felt so good…just like when we were little kids..

And on Sunday..ati and me went to visit mar,,she just got a baby humaira is soooooo adorable..she’s so cute.and I could just spend hours looking at her while holding her in my arms..she’s such a nice baby…no wonder why I dreamt about her last nite..

And on Monday as I stayed all alone by myself, as ati had to go to work..
mourning over my orange boys..Holland had to go home after losing to Portugal..i felt so bad about it..but football is just like life..even heroes have the right to bleed right..but the bottom line is,,they’ve tried their best..and the match statistic proved it all…it doesn’t matter if u win or long as you fight to the end..that’s what really counts…coz we are all fighters as that what makes a man a the evening ili and mimi came over and we had dinner together..another episode of non stop talking and laughing…

hmm..and not to kept calling..’’when are u coming back?’’..indeed time is not always on my side right now..there’s still a bunch of close frens I didn’t get to spend my time sori guys!!i wish I could stay longer but I couldn’t…and I promise ill meet u guys the first chance I get yah..coz I love u guys so much..thanx to my choco top-dome buddy-ati and to all my lovely frens!!

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