Friday, February 04, 2005


this whole week has been the most memorable week for me..too many emotions and conflict that i have to deal with..this is jessup life..everything is so wonderful...every time i go to the moot room i can feel this pleasant aura from my teammates' smiles...alhamdulillah...boon ka is organizing a big party tonight in pizza hut..cant wait..ehehe..

honesty,loyalty,betrayal,frenship..all these appeared in a blink of eyes..there must be a reason why ALLAH has placed me in this kind of learn and to be face this life till the end..

jessup makes realize that im not all alone in this world to fight for something good..the support and prayers form friends and family..make me feel so overwhelmed with gratitude that in the middle of the battle of life..i found a special place that makes me believe in happiness...thank you guys for everything...

just want to thank adrin for secret recipe cakes,mar for the MnM,boon ka for pizza...and a special thank to "YOU" for the lovely caramel candies and your time!!!

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